Ivo Timóteo

I am a computer science PhD student at the University of Cambridge

working on machine learning, under the supervision of Dr Sean Holden. You can find me in the Computer Laboratory as part of the Artificial Intelligence group.

I am mostly interested in using generic Bayesian approaches to learning complex dynamic systems.

I am an avid traveller

when I actually have the time. I've visited 36 countries so far and I hope to always keep my age under this number. One of my highlights was cycling the length of Japan.

I love photography

which does not necessarily mean I am good at it. I've recently started taking photographs more seriously instead of just looking at them. I sketched and built a 5x7" large format camera from paperboard and I develop my analog photos in my kitchen with all sorts of workarounds.

I am very curious and I love to learn

so I spend quite some time studying a lot of different stuff. Some of the latest topics of interest are existential risk, morality, philosophy of language, non-anthropocentric views of the human species, meditations on posthuman scenarios, mechanical watches mechanism design, lock design and lockpicking, flute design and acoustics, mathematical card tricks, and go (board game).

My greatest endorphins triggers:

I found that I derive a lot pleasure from type II fun activities and I really enjoy working in proper effort then reward endeavours. I'm also quite addicted to the feeling of solving a problem. Nothing beats the feeling of solving a hard problem.

Curriculum Vitae

I am a computer science PhD student at the University of Cambridge (Clare Hall College). I am working on machine learning, under the supervision of Dr Sean Holden, and you can find me in the Computer Laboratory where I am part of the Artificial Intelligence group.

I am currently being supported by an Individual Doctoral Grant – SFRH/BD/88466/2012 – awarded by the Foundation for Science and Technology of the Portuguese Ministry of Education and Science.

In April 1989, I was born in Porto, Portugal, where I spent all my youth and did my undergraduate and master degree.

You may contact me through me (at) ivotimoteo.com


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Japan 3k

Japan 3k is a Cambridge University recognized expedition with the aim of cycling the lenght of Japan's four main islands in under 30 days. The team is composed by me and my good friend Guilherme Soares. Please visit the expedition website for more information: http://japan3k.com.

Digital colour photography

Digital B&W Photography

Paperboard 5x7" large format camera

At one point I decided to make my own large format camera (5"x7") from cardboard and to start developing my own pictures in the kitchen.

And some of the resulting photographs:


Photography is my main artistic endeavour at the moment so it gets its own page.


I used to paint quite often when I was 11-13 years old. Nowadays I only paint very sporadically and I moved on to faster techniques such as watercolour and sumi-e.


I play Portuguese Guitar and used to be part of Grupo de Fados de Engenharia before moving to Cambridge. During that time I took part in over 100 gigs. I am really happy that we still get together and play whenever we meet.

I have recently started playing the piano as well. I am still a complete beginner.

Miscellaneous projects


I started practising sports when I was five and I have never stopped. I really believe sports are important for a complete and fulfilling life.


Though I've mostly rowed sweep in large boats – pretty much all college rowing in Cambridge is done in eights – my favourite boat is the single scull.

With the Clare Hall Boat Club:


I've been practicing Shotokan karate since I was 9 in the portuguese branch of SKIF. I've had the oportunity to train directly under Hirokazu and Nobuaki Kanazawa as well as Manabu Murakami in more than ten occasions as well as training in the headquarters dojo at Kugahara, Tokyo. Concerning competition, I was portuguese junior national champion (Kumite) + seven times medallist while I lived in Portugal.

With the Cambridge University Karate Club:

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